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I have had the pleasure of becoming the owner of a Siberian Kitten from Clare, He is beautiful,naughty, and funny rolled into one! He was extremely well care for and adjusted to his new home very quickly. He is very friendly and not at all scared of new people in fact the opposite he seeks out those he doesn't know.

My experience with this particular Cattery and its owner has been amazing, we waited a long time to get Gus (over 6 months) but it was well worh the wait, we kept in touch with Clare regularly to see how things were going, and although I was very nervous (after a bad experience with another breeder) Clare put me at ease immediately and reassured me, I think also the fact she is a Nurse at my Vets surgery help alot, we had lots of questions which she answer truthfully and with knowledge of Siberians as this is my 1st (maybe not the last we will see!!!). The cats are kept in a family home and are clean and well cared for.

I have to say that the Care Pack, Clare had put together along with all the info needed on feeding, etc, plus a week by week veiw of his progress until he arrived at my home, and even afterwards, Clare has come to visit and see how we are all doing. He had been checked by the Vet and had all vaccinations and worming treatments plus microchipping.

I would definitely recommend Clare and would love another Kitten from her, we will have to work on that one. Anyone thinking about owning a Siberian should definitely talk to Clare and if from a buyers point of view Clare has my number.


I bought my Lola from Clare in December 2010 having come across Siberians whilst reading the notice board at my Vets. I didn't realise at the time that Clare worked in that very same Veteniary practice and although I have been going there since it first opened i didn't know Clare.

I can honestly say that Lola is a joy to have and I'm very lucky that she chooses to live with us. I have always been a dog lover until a beautiful ginger and white pussycat moved into my shed one day, stole my heart and stayed for 18 months until sadly I had to have him put to sleep.

It was after that I decided that we needed a cat in our household and as the Siberian are known to be very dog like i thought this was the best breed to live alongside my elderly Cocker Spaniel and my rescued Cavalier and they all get on very very well. In fact, they sleep in a row at the end of my bed.

Lola has taken over the household and she's definately the boss but she has brought so much love with her and laughter at her antics.

I can only say thank you to Clare for letting us have one of her beautiful Karlisa's babies and for giving us such a wonderful healthy friendly loving and well socialed kitten which is why it was so easy for her to settle down very very quickly with us bearing in mind that it was 21st December when we collected her and all the mayhem that the Christmas festivities throw up.

When we collected her Clare gave us everything we needed to get us started eg food litter blanket, a huge stocking full of toys for Christmas. As I chose to have her neutered at 5 months at the vets where Clare works, she put herself out to administer the anaesthetic for Lola and to be with her when she woke up and for that I am very grateful.

Don't hesitate if you are thinking of buying a Siberian from Drushina Siberians, you will never regret it.

Clare Ferris's Druzhina website was one of many sites I was following to look at Siberian cats. We had had a lovely Siberian boy previously and I was just checking-in on various sites to keep up-to-date with different Siberian cats & kittens. I am restricted to Siberian cats because I have allergies but I am very attracted to them because of their lovely personalities and because they are so gorgeous.

One of Clare's cats, Dahlia, really caught my eye. She is so beautiful and when I read that she was going to have her first litter of kittens, I was very interested to see them on the website. Dahlia safely delivered seven kittens and I looked each day for photos of the little sweeties.

When we saw the five-week old photos of the kittens on the website, one of the boys caught our daughter's eye and we reserved him. Reserving Efrem was very straightforward, we paid a deposit and it was immediately posted on the website that he was set aside for us. Clare was very good about posting regular photos of all of the kittens and was able to answer all of my questions. We were also very lucky in that we were able to visit the kittens at her house when they were about 8 weeks old. It was lovely to see the kittens indoors in a home environment and although it was not possible to actually 'bond' with the little boy, the two hours we spent there gave us a very good idea of how well he was being cared for and we had a chance to meet Dahlia.

I went to collect Efrem when he was about thirteen weeks old. Clare provided an enormous starter-pack for us which included, food, litter, toys, a brush, de-wormer & flea solution. In addition to this we received a CD with care instructions and photos throughout his development.

Our little kitten has grown and developed into a beautiful and lovely boy. He follows me all over the house, loves to explore and is a real cuddle-bear. He likes to sit on everyones lap and not just of the one who feeds him. From as soon as we got him home, he was extremely well behaved when it came to toileting and he is friendly and relaxed with everyone. He loves to play but then crashes-out and sleeps for a few hours at a time. He remains in the kitchen/utility/family-room overnight and this has not been a problem at all.

I found Clare to be very knowledgeable about Siberian cats and very helpful with any questions I had. I admit I was surprised to see how young she was. Clare was very concerned that we have Efrem neutered because she cares deeply about the integrity of the Siberian breed and does not want her cats involved in any accidental cross-breeding.

Our experience with Clare has been very positive and I would recommend Druzhina Siberians to anyone looking for a beautiful and healthy Siberian cat.

We've had Domino for two months now and he has been an absolute pleasure to have in our home! He settled in the moment he came through our doors and was exploring every corner of our apartment.

Our initial reason in getting another cat was to keep our other Siberian, Ella some company at home and when we saw that Domino was available we immediately emailed Clare about him and thank God she let us have him.

Ella was a bit skeptical at first but has now warmed to Domino and at times the flat sounds like it's being stampeded by a herd of wilder beasts with both of them chasing each other around the place!

Thanks Clare for letting us have Domino! We are sure that him and Ella are going to have lots of fun :)

I'm usually allergic to cats, but was determined to find one that I could get along with. It was a long trip up north but absolutely worth it.

Clare was great, she let me play with the kittens and gave me ample information. After I had reserved my Kuro (Druzhina Demitrii), she continued to keep me up to date. Kuro settled in almost immediately - was on my lap purring away after only an hour, and was confidently romping around the house within a few days.

He is a great companion, and not afraid of anything - except my hairdryer! He can be a bit of a mischief, but I love him - and no allergies too!

I never imagined I could own a cat, but now I do. Thank-you so much, Clare.

We just wanted to thank you for the perfect start in life you gave to Mishka, and the patient and excellent advice you have given us, before and after adopting him.

We initially chose to contact you as a potential breeder due to the emphasis you put on kitten welfare on your website, and remain impressed with your careful and caring approach to breeding. Following a successful fur sample test and allergy sitting, we took home a healthy, well-socialised kitten who was fully vaccinated, neutered and micro-chipped, as well as being used to being handled daily.

In addition to this, you made us feel involved in our kitten's development prior to adoption, with regular updates and photographs on your blog, and provided a thorough and excellent kitten care pack to help us to settle him into our home.

A year later, we have a beautiful, friendly, healthy (and fairly enormous!) cat who is very much a part of the family. We were very happy to recommend you as a breeder to Faye's sister, who has since taken two equally beautiful kittens into her own home.

Faye and Adrian (owners of Druzhina Chudin - "Mishka")

We are so happy that we chose Druzhina Siberians and their breeder, Clare Ferris. Clare was knowledgeable and helpful from the start -we knew we were contacting an excellent breeder.

Their website is clear, informative, and up-to-date, which goes to show Clare's passion for Siberian cats, kittens, and most importantly, for their health.

Clare made sure we had loads of information on the breed. She has been fantastic in providing a "kitten pack" which includes all sorts of goodies to make the transition as smooth as possible.

Our two cats are perfect, they are so friendly and have wonderful personalities.
We are so lucky to have the cutest and cleverest furballs -and no allergy! Thank you to Druzhina Siberians for making it possible.

A quick update: they know and respond to their own individual names.

They come and greet you at the door, and indeed, they literally follow you around the house wherever you walk.

They "supervise" what you are doing, whether it be reading a book, watching TV, even having a bath or shower!

They enjoy having a shower and getting clean (yes, they have a shower!).

They play fetch with a crumpled ball of paper!

All in all -one of the best things in our lives.

Overall, I have been delighted that I finally got up the courage to get a siberian cat. After going through a careful allergy testing process beforehand, during which Clare provided fur samples from seven different siberian cats, I then went for an allergy visit before deciding that I should go ahead.

I've loved cats for years, but have had bad reactions to cats of friends, both moggies and purebreds and had resigned myself to the fact that it wasn't going be possible for me, before finding out about Siberians.

However, after a short settling in period when I was a bit sniffly, all has been well, and Suki (Druzhina Daromila) hasn't so much settled in as taken over. She knows her name - although she probably thinks that the full version is "Suki - no!" and she is possibly the most curious cat I have ever met. Nothing is too unimportant to be investigated and the same goes for food - so far, her unorthodox tastes have included green beans, a bit of jam donut and mushroom soup.......

She's very friendly and very chatty - a cat of many opinions and most of them quite forceful. Preferred toys include shuttlecocks, fishing rod type games and the ball with a bell that Clare provided in her welcome pack.The feliway travel spraythat Clare provided also helped to settle her in, and the food supplies were really useful so at least she had something familiar when we brought her home.

All in all, she's a great personality and great company - I am singing the praises of Siberians to anyone who will listen, and would be happy to direct anyone to Clare's blog site, as I found that extremely useful and informative when I was making up my mind!

Druzhina Siberians.
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