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We occasionally show our cats with TICA when we have the time and are not busy with kittens.
We only generally attend local shows as we don’t like to travel too long with the cats unless we are going to stay over.
If you would like to see our cats at a show please get in touch and we can let you know which shows we plan on attending.

Naturally Tica Club 'Northern lights' show 22nd & 23rd November 2008:

Max's first show as a kitten. This was a difficult show for such a young Siberian as there was a lot of competition from some really nice older kittens. It is always very hard for a young kitten when competing against bigger kittens. He was also competing against a kitten that became the best Siberian kitten in the world for 2009.

We were amazed that even against these older kittens he made a final and best of breed.
A big thank you to judge Debbie Lopeman from the USA for putting him through. She was very impressed with his overall roundness. Something she said none of the other kittens had.

One for all Cat club 'The Impish Lincs' show 7th & 8th March 2009:

(Click here to see slide show of pictures we had done professionally at this show)

Max's second show and last as a kitten. He was 7 months old at this show and a lot bigger. He made 3 All Breed Finals. He was more relaxed.
A big thank you to judges Dewane Barnes of the USA who thought highly enough of him to award him best of breed on both days and Pascal Remy of France.

One for all cat club 'another taste of Tica' show 29th August 2009: (Alternative format show)

(Click here to see slide show of pictures we took at this show)

Max’s first show as an alter. He was 1 year 1 month of age at this show. Being a one day show there were only 3 judges at this show. Despite this Max made 2 Finals.

Naturally TICA cat club show 14th/15th November 2009:

A two day show which Max and my breeding girl Karlisa went to. This was the second alter show for Max and he only needed to be judged by one other judge to gain the title of Ch alter. So we were not too worried if he did not final as he did not need anymore for this title.

Max scored as follows: • 1x best of breed • 7th best all breed alter

Well done Max not only did he get the title of CHAMPION ALTER but he also got 7th best all breed alter, so another final for our beautiful boy. We were planning on retiring him as he does find the big shows very stressful but after his success and stunning looks we may consider doing the occasional one day smaller shows with him next year, providing he does not get too upset. He will only need 3 more finals to become Grand Champion alter!

Karlisa also came along for her first show and she behaved brilliantly for the judges. We could not believe how well she did at this show as she was in a difficult category (the entire cats section is always very difficult as this section has the most cats). She was up against alot of good cats including some very nice big boys. She had also not long finished having kittens so she did really well. Some of the judges also commented on how well she looked considering this.

Karlisa scored as follows: • 5x best of breed (beating some really nice big, older boys one of which was second best Siberian in the U.K) • Best Siberian female in every ring • 3 x all breed finals • 10th best all breed cat • 9th best all breed female • 10th best all breed female

Karlisa is now a CHAMPION after only 1 show, well done my beautiful girl you are a star!

Coventry Spoticat christmas show December 12th/13th 2009

(Click here to view pictures we took from this show.)

We took Karlisa to this show and decided to leave Max at home to give him a break from showing. Again alot of competition in the entire cat section from other siberians, some of which were older than Karlisa. We did not have a very good start to the Sunday and arrived late so missed some rings but despite this she behaved really well as expected and gained three all breed finals to add towards her Grand Champion title. She is only 1 final away from this title, also she was best junior siberian cat...Well done baby girl!

FB International show, Milton Keynes, 31st January 2010

We took three of our cats along, Ellie who was a kitten, Max a neuter boy and Karlisa an entire female.  Good reports for all cats.  Ellie gained an Ex2, Max Ex 1, 1st CAP certificate and NOM BIS and Karlisa Ex1 and first CAC certificate and voted best Queen in show.  Not a bad day but very different to the usual TICA shows that are very hectic.  Also nice to get written feedback and chat to judges.

One for all TICA show 6th and 7th March 2010 (Leigh)

We took  Karlisa along to this show and her kitten from her first litter Gus as we were looking after him whilst the owner was on holdiday.   Max has now retired from showing.  Gus was very laid back and in quite a strong class of 6 siberian kittens, he did fairly well gaining three bet of devisions and two second best of breeds but unfortunately no finals.  I was not expecting anything really as he was quite long and gangly at the time but he went along as company for mum more than anything. 
Karlisa did very well and gained best of devision in every ring and three best of breeds out of a class of four siberians.  She finalled twice also gaining a 10th best allbreed  cat and her highest score to date 3rd best allbreed cat. 
She is now a Grand champion!

One for all TICA show 11th April 2010 (Brigg)

We just took Karlisa along on her own for one day only for this show, she again did very well gaining 3x best of breed and 1x 2nd best of breed, she also gained two finals of 1oth and 8th best all breed cat.
Karlisa is now a Double Grand champion!

Spoticat Club TICA milton Keynes 16th May 2010

Again Karlisa went along to show for one day only.  She won  4 x Best of breed and finalled as 10th best all breed cat.

Karlisa is now a triple Grand Champion

Ragtime TICA show 20th June 2010, Peterborough

Karlisa's last show for the year and she did well gaining best of breed and devision in all rings and finalling as 9th best all breed cat.  She will now have a break from showing to raise her second litter of kittens.

She is now a Quadruple Grand Champion !

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