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I am a small hobby breeder of Pedigree Siberian cats in Liverpool, England. I have been working with animals for over 10 years and have developed a love for all things feline.

My first cat was a ginger and white non-pedigree cat that I got when I was 11 years old. Over the years I have adopted many rescue animals which I have taken in mainly through my work.

My first pedigree cat was a rescued white Persian called Hope, who I got back in 2003 and she is still with us today. I started showing her in 2004 with Felis Britannica Salisbury show october 04,Thornbury, Bristol july 05,Ellesmere Port April 06 .She did very well for a cat without pedigree papers.

When she became too old to show I decided to retire her and my search started for a differant breed to show. I have a large semi-longhaired, non-pedigree cat at home that I adore and he is very similar in appearance to the Forest breeds of cat.

I began looking more into these cats when I came across a picture in a cat magazine of a gorgeous big silver tabby Siberian. I then decided that this was the cat for me, my search began for a Siberian cat.

I contacted a couple of local breeders deciding to get my first show cat from a very nice, local breeder, Karen McLaughlin of Kiskasiberians, who happened to own the highest titled Siberian in the U.K. (IW SGC Angelur Viking, a Russian import).

I waited over a year for my first cat as I wanted a show quality, silver tabby boy but he was well worth the wait. I kept in touch with this breeder and we became good friends.

I have always wanted to breed cats and I had discussed this with her. A few months later I was lucky enough to be offered a daughter from her amazing stud cat Angelur Viking for breeding. (The only other person in the U.K to have his offspring for breeding). I feel extremely honoured to have such a wonderful cat as my foundation female and cannot thank Karen enough for this big, beautiful girl.

All my cats live indoors as part of the family. The only time they are outside is when I have a litter of kittens that I need to bring down stairs for socialising before re-homing.

All kittens are born in my bedroom under close supervision, they are then introduced to the rest of the household and reared lovingly indoors as part of the family.They are adored as if they where one of my own and I only re-home them to people who will show them just as much love and affection as I have.I consider all my kittens to be my babies and even when they go to new homes I am always excited to see pictures and hear from new owners.

I offer lifelong advice for all new owners of my kittens. Being in the veterinary profession I feel I am in an ideal position to offer veterinary advice as well as breed advice.

My cats when not rearing kittens enjoy time outside in a secure, purpose built outdoor enclosure in the day and are brought indoors of a night. They are fed super premium food, have excellent veterinary care and lots of toys to keep them entertained when humans are not around.

I am a registered breeder with The International Cat Association. I have vowed to abide by their breeder voluntary Code of Ethics. This is a set of rules that all responsible breeders must adhere too before selling kittens. I breed first and foremost for health as well as type.

My cats and all matings are chosen carefully to be healthy, genetically diverse and to help minimise inbreeding, which over time can lead to weak, immunocompromised kittens.Cats from inbred individuals do not make great pets as they may have weaker immune systems making them more prone to illness later in life which is something a responsible breeder would want to avoid.

Our breeding cats are health tested before mating. My cattery prefix is Druzhina which is Russian for companion/friend. I chose this name as it is Russian which is the place of birth of this breed and it sums the breed up very well. They are very dog like in their devotion to people and want to be with you whatever you may be doing.

I hope you enjoy looking around my website, if you have any questions please don't hesitate to get in touch...

Druzhina Siberians.
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